10 reasons why you never should try SUP

10 reasons why you never start practice SUP

1. Its a sport for anybody. 

   As a sport for all people at any ages  I see no reason to try SUP. Why I should try it when anyone can? Definitelly not me!!!

2. Its easy

    If its so easy like all friends who tryied SUP sayig me I will probably choose something more difficult like submarine captain or helicopter pilot

3. You can practice SUP everywhere.

    HA!!! like runing-this is totally boring sport. I prefer spend 1000 euro flying somewhere to do some special sport.

4. Its cheap, it much less money than kitesurfing or windsurfing and you  are walking on the water

   No no no......cheap things are not for me.........walking on the water? I am not Jesus.

5. You will meet new people sharing the same passion and make new friends

    Who needs new friends....i just need one picture for Instagram and second for facebook

6. SUP is an amazing sport allowing you burn calories and fat

    Did you say I am fat?

7. You can take on SUP your childern with you or your dog

    I hate small animals!!! Its better leave the dog at home and childern too. 



8. in case of SUP surfing you will see the wave earlier and you can choose the best one

    HAHA there is nothing better then wait in the line with other surfers 30 min and if i acidentally catch some wave i like when someone surf the same wave with me.....that`s more fun

9. It´s A relaxing sport....you can paddle in the nature alone and watch wildlife around you

    Wildlife? Does my phone has coverage there? Probably can make some cool selfie for friends ......

10. Sup yoga is absolutelly perfect  to clear your mind and relax 

     No way…that’s sounds really stupid.






SUP tours II

SUP tours Gran Canaria Part II 

part I click here

In this part we will describe tours for SUPers with some experience on open ocean or advanced SUPers

Tour I

Arguineguin-Playa de Amadores. 

SUP tour playa amadores Gran Canaria

From Arguineguin bay (Playa de Marañuelas) turning to the right heading the same way like in tour for beginners to Anfi.  Leaving Anfi behind you will see Puerto Rico with both harbors. Just before Puerto Rico don’t forget to the lonely house on the rocks just on the shore. It belongs to some homeless guy, but as he lives there more than 17 years I don’t thing is homeless anymore. Passingalong Puerto Rico harbors watch the ugly hotels and apartment factory and feel happy that you are on the ocean. From Puerto Rico to Playa de Amadores go little far from shore as close to the shore is ocean more choppy. Finally after 5 km you arrive to Playa de Amadores.  When you feel to fit you can do all the way back and write 10 km to your training diary. 

Tour II

Santa Agueda- Playa de Arena 

SUP tour Gran canaria part II

From playa de Santa Agueda ( el Pajar) paddle direction Faro de Maspalomas, passing along coast and small beaches. After 3,5 km you will arrive into long sandy beach. As the beach is not accessible by the car is during the week mostly empty. It´s  a small paradise. Don’t forget bring with you some water and food and just relax on the beach hour or two. Coming to the beach with SUP always on the knees as sometimes can be really strong shorebreak. In summer time you can encounter sometimes strong wind on the way back. When you are not advanced paddler go early in the morning or choose another tour. 



Tour III

Arguineguin-Santa Agueda


SUP tour Playa de arena Gran Canaria

From Playa de Marañuelas  passing  thru all sailing boats turn left after harbour. Paddle all the way along the peer but not too close as can be really choppy. After one km you will be in other bay of Arguineguin and enjoy the crystal clear water in the bay (when is some swell- enjoy waves). Follow the tour heading to cement factory and paddle along one km more. Then passing the peer turn to the left and enjoy the small bay of Santa Agueda. You can stop on the right side of beach and have some coffee or water in the small bar there. The distance is 3,5 km. On the way back pass under the cargo boats and feel small.  This tour can be considered as very easy tour especially in the morning. As evening tour you can often encounter wind contra on the way back.

Last part of SUP tours ( for advanced and downwinders) comes in few days....