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SUP tours in South of Gran Canaria part I


In Gran Canaria you can make a lot of tours perfectly suited for everyone from begginers to pro riders looking for long distance paddling. 

Let´s start with tours for begginers

tour 1

The easiest tour is from Arguineguin to Anfi del Mar, its a 4 km two ways tour. Leaving Playa de Marañuelas in Arguineguin you should turn to the right. In the winter you can see on the horizont Teide, the highest mountain of Tenerife. Passing Playa de Patalavaca you will arrive to Playa de Anfi. , If you like to stop in Anfi, use the access for jetski to come to the beach or you can  stop in Playa de Aquamarina which is right before Playa de Anfi. Its a small bay where you can observe manta rays in the sandy bottom in the sunny autumn days. Recomended times are early in the morning leaving Arguineguin at 10AM. In the late afternoon you can go too but sometimes specially in the summer can be windy and choppy watter. 

tour 2

Coastal tour playa de Santa Agueda ( El Pajar)

Leaving sandy beach going along the coast below the monumental rocks and small beaches you can go to the first beach which is one kilometer from Playa de Santa Agueda. There you can enjoy snorcheling or just having some sunbath. On the way back you can take some nice pictures with the big boat in harbour close to the beach and have a lot fun in the bay. No danger, just be carefull on low tide. 


Tour 3

Enjoying sunset in Arguineguin

Its not actually tour, but definitelly our favorite. It is more like chilling on the beach in the sunset and have some SUP in the bay. The sunsets in Arguineguin are just magical. On a bright evening you can paddle betwen sailing boats in the bay and  observe sunset from water with perfectly visible Pico del Teide ( the highest mountain of Tenerife). In the summer you can stay even more time and watch the moon growing above Arguineguin. Just grab a bottle of champagne and have unforgetable experiences. In summer days if you come earlier can be windy but with sunset wind calms totally. During the weekends in summer  the beach is really crowded with local people,  while in the week is less occupied.

Tour 4

From Puerto de Mogan to Taurito and back

This small tour start in Puerto de Mogan ( called as canarian Venice). After leaving the beach turn to the left and paddle along monumentally high rocks. You can see the bottom and observe all sealife meanwhile on other side you can hear the air and waves coming in and out the small caves created by power of the ocean. After aproximatelly  one kilometer you will come to Playa de Taurito and have some coffee or snack in the restaurants there. Be careful with the shorebreak in Playa de Taurito. Sometimes can be quite big. Always go to the beach on your knees. This part of the coast is often used for party boats and jetski excursions. They arrive arround middle of the day, so best time to enjoy this tour is in the morning 10-12. Don´t plan do this tour on Friday because Market in Puerto de Mogan will turn parking of the car into a nightmare.